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Katie is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Prior to her lactation career, she started her journey in the Child Development Field as a child life specialist preparing adolescents to undergo major surgeries through 2009 at Lutheran General Hospital. After having her first child, Katie went back to school for her bachelors degree in Nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University and has been at NAP since 2011 as a nurse. Through triaging breastfeeding concerns from mothers and her own breastfeeding struggles, she recognized the need for moms to have more access to lactation support after hospital discharge.

Lactation Services

We learn in prenatal classes and books that breast milk is the optimal nutrition for baby exclusively for at least the first 6 months. Many moms leave the hospital with a desire to breastfeed their newborn, but lack the resources to help them succeed.

We’re here to help you once you’ve been discharged from the hospital. Our goal at NAP is to promot breastfeeding by helping moms achieve their personal feeding goals, while making it a memorable bonding experience.

Our lactation consultant is dedicated in helping you find balance, comfort, and confidence through your breastfeeding relationship. With our online portal system, Katie can message confidentially back and forth from your smart phone or computer. Our phone messaging system allows patients to call and leave a message for Katie on any lactation concerns and she will return your call within 24 hours.

What happens at an appointment

A typical appointment lasts between 50-90 minutes depending on the concerns. We typically go over your birth story, prenatal history, your concerns. We will examine your baby’s mouth and sucking behaviors. We perform pre and post breastfeeding weights on a specialized newborn scale to measure the amount of milk transferred during a feeding. Based on observations and assessments during the session, we create an individualized feeding plan that feels right for you and your family. These feeding plans are either sent home with you and/or emailed to you. Please come with you baby hungry, around the start of his/her next feeding time, along with your breast pump and any accessory you use with breastfeeding.

When might a lactation consultation be necessary?

  • Assistance with position and latch techniques
  • Producing adequate milk supply
  • Continued soreness or pain with nursing
  • Slow weight gain or failure to thrive
  • Breastfeeding multiples
  • Breastfeeding premature infants
  • Continuing milk production when mother or baby is hospitalized
  • Feeding observation for reassurance

Nursing supplies available for purchase:

  • Breast pumps (through insurance for BCBS)
  • Nipple shield
  • Pump Parts
  • Hydrogel dressings for nipple damage


               Monday 8:15-4:00

               Wednesday 10:00-6:00

               Thursday 9:15-1:00

               Saturday 8:00-12:00

Support groups to be held the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month

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